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Oil extraction

Oil extraction, extraction of oil extraction equipment is a specialized device that can grease the debris and filtered to exclude unwanted material, thereby producing the crude oil we need.
Leaching method can be divided into intermittent and continuous, can be divided according to the solvent for oil immersion exposure mode of action, spray, spray soaking hybrid mode of operation according to the production.

Spray extraction is the use of a solvent or a mixture of an oil pump in a countercurrent manner through the shower head continuously sprayed on the material layer, the leaching process is complete the oil spray action in the continuous solvent or mixture of oils.
Spray immersion leaching is mixed in a solvent or mixed oil in a countercurrent manner to the oil and mixing the spray phased completion of leaching under soaking.
Today simply to introduce you to two leaching methods, the First manufacturers will continue to introduce you to other leaching methods, if you like a friend, you can look forward to the next leaching method described.