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Walnut oil equipment manufacturers say walnut reprocessing

Walnut oil equipment manufacturers say  walnut reprocessing, today we give you talking about reprocessing topic walnut walnut walnut oil in addition to the press outside, then again, what can be processed into deep processing products yet.
After picking walnuts, after initial processing, has become the first agricultural products. On this basis, after further processing, you can greatly increase its value-added industrial products become widespread use.
Walnut, walnut walnut is to go through a simple process, and then to a certain size and weight after packing the products. Walnut consumption either directly, or you can post a little mixed up processing and other food to eat, but it kind of product as a walnut processing of raw materials, it has a broader range of uses. The walnut processing operation is relatively simple, just walnut pliers, sealing machine and other simple instruments on it.

              walnut oil refining equipment
Walnut oil, walnut oil and delicious fragrance, nutrition and health is a precious oil, which in addition to food, but also can be used as pastries and nutritional food additives.
Take equipment mainly by the refrigeration system, carbon dioxide storage tanks, high pressure pumps, extractors, separators, rectifying column and temperature, pressure control system. Process is: raw carbon dioxide → → → extractor rectifying column separator → → finished.
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