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Walnut oil equipment manufacturers tell you walnut oil how to eat healthy

Walnut oil equipment manufacturers tell you walnut oil how to eat healthy, nutritional value of walnuts, I believe we are all aware, First manufacturers not here long-winded, so you know the correct way of eating walnut oil for you, today we say The topic is about walnut oil eat, like walnut oil friends do not miss it!
Heat cooking Cooking: Recommendation 1: 4 ratio mode with other edible oils (such as regular consumption of soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, etc.) mixed fried, do not use fire, the temperature at below 160 degrees is best, namely oil Bacheng heat can be; this is because there are more of walnut oil unsaturated fatty substance, generally above (oleic acid 17.05%; 63.49% linoleic acid; linolenic acid 9.47%) 90%, high-temperature easy to make nutritional fatty acid loses its own The nutritional benefits.
Salad mixed with cold dishes: such as cucumber, and large salad, pineapple, fruit salad, etc., walnut oil into dishes Stir can be eaten; walnut original rich flavor and aroma, features clear, nutrient-rich.
It can be directly added to drinking punch drinks: If the walnut oil directly into the milk, yogurt, honey and fruit juice drink therewith to make more nutritious beverages
As a condiment: add the walnut oil in good soup, noodles, stuffing, cooking beef, spices, walnuts unique flavor, nutrition is more diversified.
More manufacturers from First collected on a number of correct eating walnut oil, you usually eat the right thing, while First Oil Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. welcome you to visit our factory equipment: 0086-371-55932562.