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Press guide green health edible oil

Press guide green health edible oil, green, healthy new life now urbanites keen to pursue. But many people do not know cooking oil is the basic diet for our health plays a vital role. As the press oil press specialized equipment for people to open up a new situation in a press green health edible oil, oil press has become a green and healthy fats guide.

                     oil press machine
Press press green healthy edible oil is not it said rumor of. China has long been pressing oil history, but because of the press of the technology is relatively backward development behind the times gradually replaced by leaching equipment, but later with the enhancement of people's beliefs on diet, health effects squeeze oil gradually been re remember. Press also began to return to the oil market, the return from the press changed the many problems the old equipment, the use of modern high-tech production process from processing, multi-stage press, press it again, retaining most of the original oil nutrients; and automation button design also reduces the operator's technical requirements, regardless of whether the technology can be more oil operating press. Press not only in the design of the structure than earlier devices have made great progress, in the press of oil varieties also widened a lot. More than the previous machine is a stand-alone single-use, but now the press realized the peanut, soybean, sunflower seed, cottonseed, sesame and other oil press, and can be mixed oil, more convenient for the consumer Diversity of choice needs.
Zhengzhou First Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. production of edible oil industry press equipment guide toward the green, health of the new era. Similarly, we also welcome our investors come to consult cooperation!