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Different oil crops using different methods of oil extraction press

 In recent years, the "waste oil", "transgenic oil" and so prevalent in the environment, more and more people prefer to buy their own materials to the oil mill for processing oil. first cold press oil extraction machinery hot pressing two. Which is one of the screw press, screw press to see the name also understand how it works, screw press is threaded through the extrusion press plant extracts of plants make more oil, screw press Main It is to look at the spiral rod extrusion space and mechanical properties to determine the quality and efficiency of the equipment.

    The main oilseed crushing method:
      Sesame: Before pressing the seeds into fry light gray is better, there burst phenomenon, Yong Shounie seeds have oil outflow, with fire when Broiling fierce speculation, temperature 120-150 ℃, Broiling appropriate, the smooth flow of oil cake , almost no oil residue, as long shape cake, drain again.
      Rapeseed: Because different raw water from north to south, ahead of the water, back up 4-6%, the South without water, first with sparking fierce fry hot rapeseed, have burst the sound up, sub-low heat fry rapeseed Pinch open brown and red, Broiling process can not add water, when pressed into rapeseed temperature 120-130 ℃, water content of about 1-1.5%, Broiling is appropriate, from the flow of oil, observe the state of the cake, fried seeds suitable out Oil the cake and smooth, no oil residue, cake thickness 1-1.5mm, was small pieces, brown-red.
       Peanuts: Before Broiling, will invade wet peanuts, fried seed process also appropriate to add water to make the kernel to maintain good flexibility and adequate moisture. Fry eight mature, leather and Jen Yong Shounie achieve separation, broken kernels can be pressed into the half.