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How walnut oil hydraulic press to debug it

 Walnut extract oil commonly used hydraulic press. Therefore, the industry is also known as hydraulic press machine walnut oil, walnut extract almost a dedicated machine, but at the same time squeezing walnut oil, can also be used after peanuts, walnuts and other oil. But compared with the screw press, the cake walnut oil machine produced a relatively thick, so the residual rate. So walnut oil hydraulic press have what advantage? The apparatus generally includes a small footprint, low power consumption, high protein cake contained, low equipment prices, less investment. Walnut oil machine in our township area used widely, then how to debug walnut sesame oil machine?

1, using the motion of the piston pump test. To add the right amount of vegetable oil in the tank crystallization or machine oil, then the operating handle, view the extent of the rise of the piston. If the piston is easy to rise, or is completely fixed, the tank will have to check the usage of each valve.
2. Check the hydraulic press of pressure situation. Under normal operating pressure of the first test again to see the working status of the piston, and then increase the pressure, detecting a maximum state of the piston extending more than 15min to stabilize the pressure, the gauge read values, changes in the value does not exceed the pressure of 4 %. In working condition maximum pressure, there was no leak from the tank, and when the pressure is zero, the individual parts of walnut oil machine are not damaged.
3, the test safety valve is to ensure safety. The safety valve is adjusted to the working pressure (+5 upper left, lower left +1) MPa, continuous test not less than 15 times, to view the opening and closing of the needle valve and the flexibility to mix after each valve pressure gauge reading is at the nominal value above.