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Walnut oil refining equipment,how much you know

What are the key factors to determine the Walnut oil refining equipment ? What parts will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of walnut oil equipment?

Four key effects of walnut oil  equipment:

1, The rolling stock is the key to pretreatment, the relationship between the walnut oil and oil equipment production and quality of the pros and cons. Key billet is blank rolling mill operation. In order to ensure the quality of rolling billet, to strictly control the billet material before the moisture and temperature. Billet rolling machine set the best softening box, so as not to soften contained in the loss of moisture and temperature. Before driving should carefully check blank rolling mill work, found at both ends of the blank thickness uneven, or without rolling oil mixed with the blank, should stop to check, adjust the roll gap (on both sides of the balance adjustment, and avoid the tune too tight). Check the scraper is close on the surface of the roller, to prevent sticking phenomenon. Pay attention to flow uniformity, prevent the no-load operation.

2, Extractor in each case loading for 80-85%, solvent temperature should master in 40 to 55 DEG C soybean blank into the leaching temperature for 40 to 55 DEG C, leaching temperature to 50 DEG C. Spray the spray to drip is better, spray the liquid level to higher burden 30-50 mm is appropriate, spraying fresh solvent not to spill into the dry solvent ratio (weight of solvent and leach feed weight ratio) 1:0.8-1.1. The use of non-toxic solvents, the requirements of the walnut oil and grease equipment has a certain volatility, stable chemical properties, non flammable, explosive, narrow boiling range, water solubility is small, not corrosive machinery, and oil meal from the chemical reaction.

3, Master the operation of the steam dryer. In the meal into the first layer of the steaming machine, because of the solvent containing more, the temperature should not be too fast, too high to control at 65-75 C is appropriate; second layer temperature control at about 85 degrees Celsius. First, second layer is sprayed into steam directly, evaporation of the solvent at the same time, destroy harmful enzymes activity. Direct steam injection quantity for 5-6 kg / tons of material.

The third layer to the last layer, interlayer heating, drying materials, 105-112 degrees Celsius temperature, steaming and drying time of about 40 minutes or so, wet meal after drying after the evaporation of water and solvent vapor mixture, mainly exports from the highest layer at the top of the tube out with at the end of a meal (removed at the end of the meal is conducive to solvent condensation and recovery system equipment). After the drying of the dry meal, then from the bottom outlet of the dryer (excluding dry meal moisture content 18-20%), storage temperature below 40 degrees Celsius.

4, Mixed oil processing process should be strictly controlled temperature. Qi, mixed oil concentration did not reach the evaporation operation requirements and should be part of the mixed oil circulation evaporation.


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