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Congratulations on the 89 anniversary of Army Day

Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd congratulates on the 89 anniversary of Army Day. Army Day (August 1, anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army)

Officers and men of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the people across the country have held various activities these days to celebrate China's Army Day, which falls on August 1.The Headquarters of the General Staff and other departments of the army held tea parties and performances to express regards to veterans. The navy, air force, military universities and institutions, and various military area commands held rap sessions, seminars, contest and entertainment activities to express greetings to officers and men and their families.

Across the country, army soldiers had parties with the local people to mark the day. Governments at various levels and people of all walks of life held activities to show respect and regards to the army.The Ministry of Agriculture presented the army 2,500 books and 1,200 VCDs on agricultural technologies. The State General Administration of Sport bought sports facilities and sent them to grassroots army units. Leaders from the All-China Women's Federation held parties with female army pilots.


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