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How to deserve best walnut oil extraction equipment

At present walnut oil extraction equipment , there are two common methods: differentiation and physical oil extraction method. We usually say the leaching method (chemical) and squeezing method (physical):


Pressing method: compression method has a long history, the process is relatively simple: take the oil from the oil squeezed out by mechanical method, and extrusion of oil residue (cake), residual oil content is very high, thus wasting valuable oil resources, but completely to ensure the oil products not the loss of nutrients, modern press method is the operation of industrial automation, the only drawback is the residue in the residual oil than that of the chemical method for the high.

From the press of the raw material pretreatment to distinguish between cold pressing method and hot pressing method.

The basic process of the oil press process is as follows:

Walnut raw materials -- clean up - - - - dry peeling peeling broken - tempered - pressing - Virgin walnut oil