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Walnut oil equipment and technology

Walnut oil equipment manufacturers said Amber walnut processing technology. we tell you all today is about the amber walnut processing conditions. everyone knows the value of amber walnut oil,and processing conditions is the crucial factor to its quality.


Frist comes cleaning miscellaneous impurities. Walnut adherent contaminants cleaning will be conducted in the flow tank,including removing the broken shells, walnut septum and bad ones. Then it comes to Pre-cooked. After draining the walnut in advance with a good pre-cooked solution,later, boil a few minutes, stirring constantly. Rinse and drain. Quick rinsing with water to remove sugar adhering to the skin of the walnut , preventing the caramelization reaction when frying. Secondly, we must control oil temperature and frying time. Frying pan requirement is to fry walnuts evenly to prevent deep-fried.Oil should not be too high, and deep-fried is easy to be scorched; but not too low, or it will affect product quality. It is necessary to strictly control the operation of the furnace, good control of the oil temperature and frying time and frying process to keep stirring walnut, with the upper and lower oil temperature uniform, consistent walnut color. Dumped oil, cooling. The fried walnuts poured into the centrifuge, dumped hot oil for about 1 min, then poured into a sieve to cool. Vacuum packaging. Cooled to room temperature and walnuts into the PE bag and using vacuum sealing. The above is a brief summary about our amber walnut processing technology.

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