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Walnut is 35% - 35% oil and 25% protein, containing 12% - 19% seed coat, the skin contains 30% to 34% crude fiber, sinapine, pigment, phytic acid and tannin nutrients of walnut mainly exists in seed coat. Walnut is not peeling but expellering walnut oil directly, in addition to deepen color of crude oil and increase difficult of refining, also affect the quality of rapeseed meal, appearance and palatability, and affect the utilization value of rapeseed meal protein.Walnut dehulling can effectively remove antinutritional factors in it, make the walnut meal protein content increased to 45%, cake quality greatly improved, and make skin peeling walnut meal can be comparable to those of walnut  cake meal as high quality feed.


Walnut dehulling process: walnut  drying - use of collision or other external force to break the walnut peeling - use screening and winnowing to separate husk and kernel.

The quality of decrustation cold pressed walnut oil and common rapeseed oil after hydration degumming and neutralization are similar product, do not need to be refined edible.Not only avoiding the pally chemical processing for edible oil, retained natural characteristics and nutritional value of walnut oil, at the same time,avoiding and reducing the protein denaturation in expellering oil process. So if you have any needs, you can contact me us.


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