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Reflecting on the grand scale of walnut oil mill

Walnut oil extraction workshop is the extraction process of No. 6 oil solvent . Workshop is divided into: leaching (extraction), evapo-separate (embryos solvent material separation), evaporation (oil and solvent separation), condensation, exhaust gas recycling, water recovery and other systems. Atmospheric vacuum evaporation process or pressure extraction process is often used in the evaporation process. Extraction equipment is loop type extractor or rotocel extractor.


Process features of walnut oil extraction:

(1) Evaporation in vacuum and good oil quality.

(2) With great suitability, extraction system can process different raw materials.

(3) Developed by BMC self, solvent recovery system from vent gas has very good absorption effect.

(4) With full energy conservation and many times utilization, the steam consumption would be reduced obviously.


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