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    • The characteristics of the oil press method


      The characteristics of the oil press method:
      (A) adaptability
      Legal squeeze oil for a variety of oil processing and production of different sizes. Do not ask fo... [More]

    • Small multi-function oil press


      Small multi-function oil press is suitable for the four seasons is not restricted to climate, north and south of the four seasons all appropriate, due to the oi... [More]

    • Centrifugal oil filter characteristics


      Centrifugal oil filter characteristics:
      1. filtering speed, 3-4 minutes per filter once every oil filter amount 15-20kg, the amount of clean filter once every 1... [More]

    • Centrifugal oil filter working principle


      Centrifugal oil filter working principle:
      Centrifugal oil filter designed to meet national safety standards of the most advanced oil filtering equipment. This m... [More]

    • The pretreatment technology of walnut oil refining equipment


      The pretreatment technology of walnut oil refining equipment, today First manufacturers to give everybody the introduction is about the pretreatment technology... [More]

    • How to identify the quality of walnut oil


      How to identify the quality of walnut oil, walnut oil is a very high nutritional value of health edible oil, very welcomed by the market. Currently on the marke... [More]

    • Walnut oil


      Walnut oil is an edible oil, walnut is one of the direction of deep processing of raw material for oil is walnut, oil producing process has been used is the tra... [More]

    • Degumming


      Phospholipid with moisture absorption and water swelling, colloidal solution opaque form expansion after absorbing water. Degumming is to use this characteristi... [More]

    • Methods to identify the quality of walnut oil


      Methods to identify the quality of walnut oil today today to introduce methods to identify a walnut oil is good or bad, you usually have no notice of walnut oil... [More]

    • Oilseeds crushing


      Oilseeds crushing, rolling embryo before oil, oil of large particles must be broken. The aim is to make the oil by crushing a certain size in order to meet the... [More]

    • Crude oil refined in the magazine


      Crude oil refined in the magazine:
      (1) the suspended impurities. Including oil or mixed with sediment during storage and transportation, materials Pooh powders... [More]

    • Walnut oil preparation process


      Walnut oil preparation process,, today First producers can explain your relationship walnut oil preparation process, first press law, water law and leaching gen... [More]

    • Oil refining


      Oil refining what is the purpose? In fact, many people are not too clear what is oil refining, for the word is unfamiliar, then the bottom Forrest producers can... [More]

    • Picking walnuts


      Picking walnuts, do not know whether it knows picking method walnuts, today First manufacturers give you say how picking the next walnuts, walnut oil wants refi... [More]

    • Walnut oil processing


      Walnut oil processing, First small series as before to say the topic is about walnut oil processing technology, today we say about the walnut oil under the comp... [More]

    • Pecan squeezing refining process


      Pecan squeezing refining process, and today we give you bring the topic is about refining process pecans, pecan squeezing refining process with the ordinary wal... [More]

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