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Walnut oil press process

Walnut oil pressing process:
Walnut oil press process: choice of materials, peel, deastringenting shell kernel separation, softening, flaking, steaming and roasting, crushing, precipitate is filtered, refined oil.
Walnut oil pressing process:
(1) the choice of materials: selection of mature, full nucleolus, kernel rate of fruit, or the choice of stripping Unqualified pecans during processing, thus eliminating the need for shelling, shell kernel separation work.
(2) stripping kernel: fruit into the pecan sheller machine for centrifugal broken shell, select the appropriate speed, so shelling efficiency of over 98%, stripping out the kernel size, less shell inlay benevolence, powder small degree.
(3) Shell kernel separation: separation equipment using two channels, first isolated by vibrating flat screen, the second separation by gravity separation machine, pay attention to the right angle of the screen surface mesh and production; can also be separated several times, the purpose of making the amount of kernel shell containing about 30%.

(4) Softening: In the resulting screen was placed in the pot to soften softening, regulate the softening temperature, due to the high oil content Genus low moisture oil, direct steam in the softening process in order to achieve both add water again heated effect.
(5) flaking: pecan put the softened want flaking machine for flaking, thin and uniform thickness, less into powder, reduce oil spills.
(6) steamed fried: fried using wet steam, first make pecan raw embryo moist, moisture control in 13% to 14%, and then in the steaming wok steamed embryo, the embryo so that the material surface to absorb moisture to penetrate into the interior, and maintain a certain period of time, followed by heating of the parison in order to dry to the water end, the parison having a good performance of the press, which normally takes 2 hours.
(7) the press: the clinker input power screw press virgin bore, pressed to adjust the pressure, resorted oil brighter.
(8) filtered and the precipitate: extra virgin oil obtained was filtered to remove most of the impurities, but there are some minor impurities and other impurities, must stand for more than 48 hours, making the oil clear, transparent.
(9) nitrogen filling: Because pecan oil fatty acid composition of unsaturated acids accounting for more than 88%, especially containing linolenic more easily oxidized, so during storage, easily lead to a qualitative change in the inferior oil, it can be nitrogen filling storage or sale.