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Degumming steps

Degumming steps:
1. Check the degumming process piping and valves, pipelines and confirm proper valve opening;
2, confirmed a few numbers crude oil tank farm, sampling tests in pounds;
3, note that when you start the hair oil pump pump inlet pressure, such as whether or not the pressure filter is clogged, clean up;
4, adjust the temperature of the oil process, coupled with hot water mixed into the hydration reaction tank;

5, in the hydration tank into the oil 15 minutes after opening the centrifuge, pay attention to the situation started as centrifuges, centrifuge washing water before the start of the first heat and then turn it on. First washed 10 minutes after opening the centrifuge and then into oil production. Production always pay attention to water temperature, not a difference of 10 degrees; note that current and separation of oil and refined products exports centrifuge;
6, the first four of refined oil into the vacuum tower, the vacuum from the vacuum Tara, open steam heating to preheat tower.