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Walnut oil refining process


Walnut oil refining process, and today we simply for everyone to talk about walnut oil refining process, everyone on the walnut oil refining process know how much? Today under a simple analysis on the refining process.
Oil refining meaning: qualitative enhancement oil storage stability, improve the flavor of fat, improve oil color, providing the raw material problem for oil deep processing products.
The vast majority of crude oil is mixed with a mixture of acid glycerides outside, namely oil, containing only a very small amount of impurities outside. Although these impurities than smaller, but the impact on oil quality and stability is "denied."
Suspended impurities: sediment, feed embryo powder, cake residue, water.


Gum insoluble impurities: phospholipids, proteins, sugars, and their lower decomposition
Fat-soluble impurities: free fatty acids (FFA), sterols, tocopherols, pigments, fatty alcohols, waxes,
Other impurities: toxins, pesticides
Grease gum insoluble impurities affect the stability of not only oil, but also affect the oil refining process effect and depth of processing. Grease alkali refining process, will lead to emulsify, increase operational difficulties, increased consumption of refined consumption and adjuvants, and to reduce the quality of the soap after foot; in decolorization process, increasing consumption outside the adsorbent, reduce decolorization.
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