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Walnut oil processing equipment

Walnut oil processing equipment, according to the city in recent years, the survey found that planting area of walnut, area, varieties, processing and export, which have significantly improved, walnut prices have 2002 7 yuan / kg rose to 17 yuan in 2006 / kg, thus we can infer that the domestic market demand for walnuts is increasing every year, the market is increasingly becoming walnut-selling product, then followed that enhance the nutritional value of walnut oil demand increases and other issues.

Walnut oil processing equipment,So how do you follow the market, squeezing out the good walnut oil refining it? First told you, only good refining equipment to refining the good walnut oil, to open my vast walnut oil market, in order to create the maximum benefit, First is a professional production of edible oil processing equipment machinery manufacturers, mainly refining equipment, extraction equipment, oil refining equipment, bleaching deodorization dewaxing technology-oriented manufacturers. First welcome you to visit our plant site or you are welcome to consult us.