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Oil pretreatment

Oil pretreatment of oil into the pretreatment process before pressing requirements:
Oil should be dry, Featured. Oil and machine should be dry, cleanse, it is not more than 12% moisture and impurities not more than 0.5%, in particular should be noted that many users ignore the featured item of this essential oil pretreatment process, that dispensable. As everyone knows, without selection or election poorly oil, dirt can clog the oil, sand and gravel will accelerate wear on parts, not only affects the normal operation of the press, but also shorten the pressing screw large, cage bars, the cake mouth life. As oil mixed with stones, metal and other hard objects, will immediately damage the pressing screw. Therefore, we must pay attention to improve fuel Featured this off, you can receive half the power of their results.
Peel peeled. As of shelled walnut oil, cottonseed, peanut sheller, etc., can increase the amount of processing oil press and oil yield of oilseeds.

Broken flaking. The unit does not deal with after this step can be oil, especially rapeseed no significant impact without flaking, while others by pressing the embryo after oil processing capacity and to improve oil rate good.
The machine can be hot-pressed, cold pressed, extra virgin cold pressed twice the net, hot pressed again pressed the net, productivity and fuel are higher than the cold pressed. When oil roasted, should moderate fire, turning evenly, preventing fried coke,coke or raw. I plant is recommended to use automatic Broiling machine accessory products.