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Walnut oil refining pressing process

Walnut oil refining pressing process, first of all, we say is the hydraulic system oil can produce the traditional walnut oil, but its disadvantage is the high labor intensity, low efficiency, cannot realize the industrial production.
Then the walnut oil processing process now is what kind, then First manufacturers will introduce a walnut oil processing steps: broken shell, separation of walnut, cold pressing, filtering, crude oil, refining pot, degumming, bleaching, deodorization, oil tank, oil storage tank, inspection qualified, packing.

The above is the processing technology of walnut oil with steps, interested in walnut oil friend, may wish to do research, then introduce to you is the producing process of walnut oil separation: broken shell, walnut, cold pressing, filtration, crude oil, refining pot, degumming, bleaching, deodorization, oil pool, inspection, storage tanks, packing. The production process of these steps correspond: broken shell, walnut shell, separation of red fried, oil, coarse filtering, refining, bleaching, atomization to impurities.
Walnut is a world famous one of the four nuts, walnut oil is the East "olive oil", walnut oil can also play a cosmetic effect, walnut oil market prospects, the investment of walnut oil is absolutely your good choice, at the same time First grain and oil machinery equipment production, Limited is a professional R & D as one corporate entity, welcome you to visit and inspect equipment First.