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Crushers, oil crushing methods are hit, several forms of shear, extrusion and milling and so on. Oil refinery equipment is mainly used crushing Roll Crusher, in addition, can hammer crusher, disc sheller machine.

Double on the roll Roll Crusher is mainly composed of feeding device, crushing roller, roller spacing adjustment means, transmission, engine blocks and other parts. By deposit hopper feeders, feed roller, permanent magnet, feeding drip board, whose role is to adjust the volume of feed and to ensure uniformity across the entire roll length direction of the flow and remove oil feed into the iron complex, preventing damage to the tooth roller. Roll crusher rollers are upper and lower pairs of teeth paracytic placed, each pair of gear rolls rotated in opposite directions, one of which is the fast roll, and the other is a slow roll, the roll speed ratio of the fast and slow roll was 1.51: 1, the roller tooth 12 degrees: 100, profile angle is an acute angle 30 °, an obtuse angle 60 °, 6 teeth per inch, each of the teeth of the rollers press the "front of the front" configuration. In operation, due to the presence of the roller speed differential, the two opposite teeth of the roller rotation by shearing and squeezing action on the tooth angle of the teeth of the roller, oil will fall between the rolls and cut into small pieces, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. Roller distance adjustment device can be used to change the pitch of the teeth roll to ensure that the particle size after crushing oilseeds to meet process requirements.
To ensure the crushing effect of oil must control moisture, temperature, and flow of oil in the trash content. Maintaining the crusher reasonable working conditions, such as wear of the roller teeth, the seals at both ends of the roller shutter gear, adjusting the gap between the teeth ends of the roller are the same like.